A peek into the daily life of Talent Acquisition from Bagus Hendrayono

Talent Acquisition, A peek into the daily life of Talent Acquisition from Bagus Hendrayono

Talent acquisition work can be said to be challenging as well as bringing its own satisfaction.
Challenging because one of the company’s growth factors is determined by the quality of people
The selected. Thus, a talent acquisition specialist is certainly required to have a creative strategy for hunting
talent. On the other hand, being involved in talent acquisition has advantages, such as a sense of satisfaction
help develop other people’s careers, get to know various kinds of people and have
access to company officials. Then, how is the daily life of someone who has been for years
Enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of working in talent acquisition? How to be a talent
acquisition specialist have a work-life balance in the midst of these dynamics? Watch daily
Bagus Hendrayono, who has been in the world of recruitment since 2005, once led Monroe
Consulting Group Indonesia in 2015-2018 and currently, he serves as VP Talent
Acquisition of Go-Pay, a digital money fintech (financial technology) company from Go-Jek.

Living the Day as Go-Pay’s VP Talent Acquisition

As Go-Pay’s VP Talent Acquisition, Bagus Hendrayono’s job is to acquire talent
required by the company and improve the recruitment process. So, their daily activities can be described
as follows,

7.30 – 9.00: Preparation in the Office
His activities at the office start between 7.30 – 9.00 in the morning. At the earliest, Bagus can arrive at 7.30
(when the office is still quiet). However, when the road conditions were congested, he could only arrive at 9 00. After
until, this guy who loves bikes makes a to-do list for the day. Then, he started looking for candidates
and approach the candidate.
10.00 – 11.00: Interview
As the day progresses around 10.00 – 11.00, he conducts interviews with prospective candidates
Afternoon – Finish: Meeting and Monitoring
Usually there are also several meetings, like eating. In a day, Go-Pay’s VP Talent Acquisition can
attend at least 3 meetings. Then, he monitored the work of his team. If there are obstacles, then he
will help find a solution.
It should be highlighted that there is no definite schedule that is the same every day (especially the environment is
startups). There may be unexpected jobs that appear suddenly.
Currently, the Talent Acquisition captain, who has just joined Go-Pay since September 2018,
are adapting to the job at hand and with Go-Pay employees. When on
Monroe, Bagus Hendrayono is the one who recruits and is involved in the development of people who

is one level below. Meanwhile, when he joined Go-Pay, his employees had
‘exists’ and has a variety of characters.

Everyday Managing Director at Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia
In contrast to his new experience at Go-Pay, Bagus Hendrayono has worked at Monroe Consulting
Indonesian Group for 10 years. So, the routine there is ingrained. In terms of
the type of activity as a managing director at that time, he was more formulating and supervising strategies
business operations. Because many jobs are systemized, Bagus acts more like an “arbitrator”
supervising the match. If there is a problem, he will step in. Problems that may come
These include conflicts between consultants and candidates, consultants and users, and problems outside the process
recruitment such as, financial issues, legal, auditing and others. He also works closely with the director at
regional level.

Bagus Hendrayono on Work-Life Balance
Bagus Hendrayono admits that he is still looking for a ‘rhythm’ to achieve work-life balance at Go-Go.
Pay. He argues that balance is easier to achieve when we have succeeded
adapt. “…when you’re still adjusting, we will spend more time, extra hours, compared to people
old man.”

Work-life balance is actually not an impossible thing to achieve. Nice to have achieved it when
still with Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the talent acquisition world,
creating a work-life balance not only with the self-management of each individual, however
need to be supported by a good system.

The man who and his team have received several awards at the Monroe Consulting Group
Indonesia, explained, “One of the reasons we have the privilege of work-life balance at Monroe
is that we already have a good system and a process… so that person works well, in a sense,
Everyone knows what to do, they know what to do and they know how to do. That’s basic-
his. If you’re working in an organization that doesn’t have the right system or process, you will spend
more time in doing your job or completing your job. Why? Because your work will not be
structured. scattered. Just like you go to the mall, want to buy clothes, but don’t know what to wear.
What you have is going from one shop to another, trying on this shirt, trying on that shirt, trying on this brand, trying on this brand. But, if you already know from home, ‘Oh, I went to the mall, bought a long-sleeved green shirt, this brand.’
Come to the mall directly to the shop, try on the size, fit, pay. Much faster process.”

There are well-known plans, objectives, systems and processes, and clear flows
that creates a work-life balance.

That’s a daily picture that you might go through if you develop a career in the field
talent acquisition. So, are you ready to explore the world of talent acquisition?

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