Affected by Layoffs, These are 4 Ways to Continue to Survive Amidst Corona

, Affected by Layoffs, These are 4 Ways to Continue to Survive Amidst Corona

In the midst of a pandemic situation due to the still massive spread of the corona virus and becoming a global problem, not a few companies are taking the path of efficiency by executing Termination of Employment (PHK) for employees. According to several agencies and companies, layoffs are the best way to ensure operational funds can still be utilized during these uncertain times.

Meanwhile for the employees themselves, layoffs are a nightmare. This means that their main source of income will no longer be fulfilled in the months to come. However, it turns out that even in the midst of a disaster, some employees can take steps to survive in the midst of a pandemic and current economic conditions. Here are some solutions you can try.

Press output
The first way is very clear, where layoffs are conditions that make you no longer have a source of income while expenses will continue. So, one of the ways you do to survive is to suppress unnecessary expenses as much as possible for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, you can try to get a new job or do other strategies.

To help you, there’s nothing wrong with making a new budget table to make it easier to cross out unnecessary spending budgets. Including making several tips to make vital expenses such as rent, food and drink, as well as internet and electricity costs more efficient. Use less and use only when needed, then as much as possible to cook your own food instead of buying outside.

Switch to freelancer
There’s nothing wrong with opening a freelancer service or becoming a freelancer without a binding contract. It is true that the work may not always be there and the income is not fixed, even though one project can generate a fairly high fee. However, it’s worth trying in order to survive in the midst of a pandemic and help you create other sources of income.

You can check several types of freelance work that are possible for you to do from your home or boarding house now. Manage your time as best you can, so you can freelance more than one job at a time.

Also check the price of the work services that you will set for yourself so that it is not too low nor too high with the price of these services in the current market. Promote yourself on freelancing platforms or social media as well so that more people know that you accept freelancing and are interested in using your services.

Sell online
Apart from being a freelancer, you can also start selling online. In the midst of this pandemic, fewer people are shopping outside their homes. Some of them are more interested in shopping online. This could be an opportunity for you to present online shopping services for those who don’t want to leave the house.

You can segment the items that you will sell yourself. Most ideal for adjusting the products sold to the needs of today’s people. Such as household needs, food ingredients, cleaning tools, clothing, prepared food, and so on. Providing top up or top up services for pulses, electricity, water can also be your choice to survive in the midst of this corona pandemic.

Become a content creator
You can do this last method if you have a special talent or idea to present as valuable viewing material. For example by becoming a content creator. There are various kinds of content creators, which can be in the form of photography, graphic design, video editing, and so on. You can make this your other source of income and still be able to meet your daily needs.

Especially if you are one of those people who likes visual things armed with the main idea. You can talk or discuss things related to your specialization, hobbies that you are passionate about, or just reviewing products. This includes song reviews, video clips, food, movies, books, and much more. As long as you can be productive and produce more, this feels like it’s worth a try.

It’s true that layoffs are things that can make you feel stuck, but don’t let this condition last long. As long as you still have the ability, specialization of knowledge or whatever, you must utilize all the resources you have to get back up.

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