Bayu Seto’s routine as Commercial Director of Indosat M2

, Bayu Seto’s routine as Commercial Director of Indosat M2

When leading various divisions, there are definitely many challenges. Especially if
have to deal with it in a new environment. Bayu Seto, ex
Country Head of Business development Grab Taxi (Grab), who currently holds the position
Commercial Director at Indosat M2. In this state-owned company, he manages everything
commercial aspects, sales, marketing, product and business development divisions to customers
service. Bayu is expected to make Indosat M2 able to adapt to industry needs,
so as to achieve the revenue target.

Indosat M2 Commercial Director Challenge

Bayu, who previously worked in a startup environment, had to adjust to the environmental culture
State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) corporations. What’s more, as a commercial director
the problem is not only can adapt personally, but also how he can
change the culture. For example, the main problem related to work culture is
bringing Indosat M2 to be more agile, flexible and digital. Bayu’s role is certainly very
important, considering that Indosat M2’s flagship product, Fiber To The Home (FTTH) GIG, targets
millennial generation.

What does Bayu do everyday? How could he maintain good relations with
coworkers and subordinates? Bayu has told his routine in undergoing
responsibilities as commercial director to Parrish & Co.

Bayu Seto’s daily life

Dawn – 7.00:
Usually, the first thing Bayu does after waking up is the morning prayer. Then, he sometimes
go back to sleep or watch TV. Then Bayu got ready and left for the office at 7 o’clock.

8.00 – 9.00: Preparation in the Office
Bayu arrives at the office at 8. Before starting work, he ‘drinks and chats with the team or
its peers. This man who graduated from Prasetya Mulya University is a structured person
tactical. Every morning, he reviews work and sets targets for what work
have to do that day. Call up the division to focus on that week or month.

Day – night
In the afternoon, he often attends meetings or sometimes lunch meetings. After
lunch, Bayu reviewed the progress of his team’s work. Then, he continued to face
meetings. Bayu did his work in the office until around 7 o’clock.
Before going home, Bayu did not forget to see the results of the day’s work. Bayu’s usual activities
ends with hanging out with friends or going straight home. Outside the office, Bayu
cooking to relieve stress

Providing Value to the Company
As illustrated in his routine, Bayu has a lot of contact with his team. By
Therefore, he fosters cooperation with coworkers and with his subordinates.

“I never feel like I’m competing with my coworkers because if we feel
compete, teamwork is non-existent. The most important thing is how we do it
provide value to the company. So teamwork is important with important coworkers
each person or each director carries out their respective responsibilities accordingly
with the agreement,” said Bayu.

According to him, in establishing a relationship with a subordinate, we must avoid
micromanagement. Micromanagement is our act of over-managing the details
that should be entrusted to them.

What’s important is how we become coaches for our subordinates to be like
us or even better. Because, in the end we will be hard on our own if we don’t train
our team. Don’t be afraid if our team becomes more skilled than us. Precisely it is
our pride as leaders when we can create a team that one day
become the same level as us in that company or in another company.

That’s how Bayu manages his routine to achieve the targets set by the company.
Everyone has their own way of being productive. How about you?

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