Get to know Data Scientist, the Most ‘Hunted’ Profession in the 21st Century

data scientist, Get to know Data Scientist, the Most ‘Hunted’ Profession in the 21st Century

Knowing Data Scientist is undeniable, data is very valuable to keep an organization ahead.
What is the key to the success of giants like Google and Amazon? Data! How can Netflix
understand the behavior of its customers and deliver the movies and TV series it likes? Data!
So that abundant data can be used to create strategies, data scientists (scientists
data) plays an important role in collecting, processing, and analyzing data
information. Data scientists have even become the ‘sexiest’ profession in the 21st century, that’s the content
from an article in the Harvard Business Review written by Thomas H. Davenport and D.J. Patil.

Data scientists are needed because they have business acumen, master
mathematics/statistics and computer science/programming. See the description about the data
next scientist. if you have a passion in processing data, challenged to
looking for a solution for the place where you work.

What is Data Scientist?

When you become a data scientist, you are responsible for identifying trends and
make predictions based on large amounts of data, such as discovering preferences
consumers, and provide code to produce a better product.

Broadly speaking, the data scientist workflow is:
1. Data scientists identify problems related to deep data analysis
2. Determine the right data sets and variables;
3. Collect structured and unstructured data from various
4. ‘Cleaning’ and validating data; design and implement algorithms for
looking for new information;
5. Analyze data to find trend patterns;
6. Interpret data and find supportive solutions and opportunities
achievement of organizational goals;
7. Communicating findings to stakeholders by visualization and other means.

Actually, before Big Data became the concern of various institutions, there was already an analyst profession
data and business analysts, but both professions only focus on analytical results.
While data scientists have an additional task, namely experimenting based on results
findings in order to provide the most appropriate advice regarding strategic management.

Programming languages that must be mastered include R, Python, SAS, Hive, MatLab, SQL,
Pig, Spark, and Hadoop. In addition, data scientists have communication skills
including narrating and visualizing insights gained to colleagues.

Education to Become a Data Scientist

Bachelors graduates can become data scientists, but ideally go on to study Masters. Data scientist
at least have expertise in the field of statistical studies. Next master the skill
programming, ranging from computer science, software engineering, and systems development.
Finally, mastering economics/financial/marketing/operational/management business knowledge.

Apart from lectures, beginners can start learning from the learning materials available on
sites like Coursera, Udacity, Kaggler. Training or courses can also be used for
increase knowledge.

Not only hard skills that must be possessed, but soft skills such as communication also cannot
underestimated. The data scientist will add value to the organization when he can
explain and visualize his findings so that his colleagues can also understand them
who do not study statistics.

Career of a Data Scientist
In Indonesia, there are already large companies engaged in the field
telecommunications, banking and startups that make data scientists a good position
important in their management. Unfortunately, in Indonesia, the number of data scientists is still low
few and disproportionate to the demand for data scientists.

Even though many data scientists are ‘hunted’, they still have to enrich their experience and
deepen their knowledge. Currently, many companies need data scientists to
help them in matters related to one of the components to make
prediction, i.e. machine learning (the algorithms and mathematical models that enable machines to
perform various tasks). Data scientists use data to ‘train’ machines to do it
make predictions. However, more and more machine learning activities are automated and
more and more citizen data scientists (data scientists who can apply some aspects
data science and analysis despite having little experience) is emerging. Therefore,
data scientists must be ready to upgrade their skills.

Data Scientist Earnings
The average data scientist salary in the United States is $139,840 per year. Salary for position
in Indonesia it can reach around IDR 25,000,000 to IDR 100,000,000. Will
however, keep in mind that this profession is still new, so there is not much accurate information
about data scientist salary.

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