How to Know the Continuation of Job Recruitment

, How to Know the Continuation of Job Recruitment

Dwindling job opportunities make the job recruitment process more complicated, coupled with the many competitors that must be faced to be able to occupy the position you are applying for. Recruiters assess not only education, but also work experience, organizational experience, work skills, and also the personality of applicants.

Of course, every company has a different set of job recruitment processes, depending on the level of work positions opened. From entry level to up level managers, each has specific qualifications. No one can predict when job recruitment will open, but you can try to find out more information about the job recruitment you are currently undergoing.

Many people are reluctant to contact recruiters to ask about continuing job recruitment. In fact, this step is quite influential on your chances of being accepted for work as long as it is done in the right way. If you are currently job seeking and are wondering about the continuation of the recruitment for the job you are applying for, let’s follow the following ways to politely contact recruiters.

Give the recruiter time
The job recruitment process does not take place instantly, some companies take up to months. Moreover, if the candidates who apply reach hundreds to thousands. Allow at least 5-10 working days before following-up or contacting the recruiter again.

If you have successfully entered the job interview stage, you may contact the recruiter via email on the same day or the next day. Do not contact recruiters repeatedly, especially outside of working hours. This mistake will greatly interfere with the recruiter’s performance and potentially eliminate your chances of being recruited.

So, what to do if the recruiter still doesn’t contact you? You may return to email the recruiter about 5 days after sending the first follow-up email. While waiting for news, you should keep looking for other job vacancies.

Express your appreciation and interest in joining
Keep your emails polite, short, and clear. Begin with an expression of gratitude for the attention or job interview invitation given. Also include your desire to join the company you are applying for.

You don’t want the email to sound demanding and force recruiters to hire you. Two short paragraphs are enough to convey your appreciation and interest in continuing the job recruitment process. You can also re-attach your CV and cover letter to make it easier for recruiters to review candidates.

Reemphasize skills and qualifications
In the follow-up email that you send, emphasize your abilities, work experience, and qualifications that you feel match the position you are applying for. There’s nothing wrong with “selling” your skills again so that recruiters are interested in hiring you. But remember, make it with simple and uncomplicated sentences.

The mistake that is often made by applicants in the job recruitment process is to enter fake work experience and abilities. Be careful, recruiters will check the authenticity of the documents and data listed on your CV and follow-up email. In addition, lying during the job recruitment process will actually make it more difficult for you when you get hired later. If you are proven dishonest, the company will not hesitate to blacklist you.

Build relationships with recruiters
The relationship in question is a professional relationship. It is highly discouraged to start a friendly relationship with a recruiter while the job recruitment process is in progress. You can initiate connections through social media such as LinkedIn or Instagram to get to know the recruiter personally. This can be your weapon when called upon for a job interview. Even so, avoid sending messages to recruiters via social media because this is considered unprofessional.

Maintaining good relations with recruiters is also very important even if you fail in job recruitment. Generally, recruiters often upload job vacancies on their social media pages. That way, you can quickly apply for new positions. What’s more, LinkedIn social media also allows you to apply for jobs directly via messages to recruiters.

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