How to Overcome Introvert Attitude in the World of Work

, How to Overcome Introvert Attitude in the World of Work

Do you often feel out of energy when you have to meet people and prefer to stay in a quiet place? If you think “it’s me,” then you are an introvert.

Often an introverted attitude makes it difficult for someone to adapt in the world of work because they tend to be less comfortable around many people. However, that doesn’t mean introverts can’t stand out when compared to other colleagues. Here are ways to overcome introverted attitudes in the world of work that you can try.

Get to know the work environment
Introversion often makes you feel awkward when you are in a new place with people you don’t know. If not addressed, this condition can make your performance not optimal. To prepare yourself, try taking a tour of the office with one of your coworkers. This can also be a moment to get to know each other. Make yourself as comfortable as possible in the office by placing familiar items, such as photos or other decorations.

The work environment is also closely related to the relationship with co-workers. For an introvert, it takes longer to get along with co-workers. The key is to be open minded. When invited to lunch together, do not hesitate to accept. If you are confused about starting a topic of conversation, just start with basic questions such as place of birth, alma mater, and hobbies.

Make introvert attitude as a weapon
There’s no need to feel weird if you’re an introvert. Precisely you can change your introverted attitude into an asset to your pride. An extrovert is indeed louder in voicing opinions and makes introverts even more hidden, but introverted attitudes can make you a person who is good at listening, understanding, and finding the best solutions.

Instead of giving ideas or opinions without basis, those of you who have an introverted attitude will be more careful in speaking. In terms of communication, introverts tend to be more comfortable using writing than speech. No problem, you can start a conversation about work via email instead of direct discussion.

Cultivate positive thinking
Someone’s introverted attitude usually causes the appearance of excessive worry. This deficiency makes you a person who is less able to accept criticism, even closing yourself completely. Leave bad ideas about yourself, become a confident introvert by adopting a positive mindset.

When faced with criticism or scathing comments, don’t take it to heart. Remind yourself that the criticism is meant to help you do a better job, not as a threat or a personal attack. You can also read self help books to help you build self-confidence and a positive mindset.

Take a moment to rest
One characteristic of introverts is the desire to be alone. For extroverts, this trait is seen as odd and makes them see you as a cold person. You will also often feel tired when you have too much social interaction.

No need to be bothered, this is very natural for introverts to experience. Therefore, make a special schedule to rest alone and stay away from noise. Especially if you work in a company with an open working space which makes it even more difficult to have a quiet time without being surrounded by lots of people.

You can take 5 to 10 minutes during breaks or after finishing work to take a leisurely walk or sit in the park reading a book. Spend your weekends doing hobbies or staying at home to restore your energy when the working day welcomes.

Get out of the comfort zone
Often work requires you to do things that are outside your comfort zone. At first you may be hesitant to do it, but try to reconsider why you are not comfortable doing it. Is it because you feel shy and awkward? Or is it because you are still not used to it?

Don’t let your introverted attitude become an obstacle to developing a career. Just try it first, after a while you will get used to it. Getting out of your comfort zone will also increase your work experience and slowly help you break free from the “shell.” No one knows, it could turn out that you have found a new passion or hobby.

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