Indonesian Work Culture that Needs to be Maintained

work culture, Indonesian Work Culture that Needs to be Maintained

Setilan to Indonesian work culture which needs to be maintained because the moment of the independence day celebration reminds us to appreciate Indonesia’s long journey to become the country we know today. In the midst of the swift currents of change towards modernity, it does not mean that all Indonesian culture can be considered obsolete. As young professionals, we can start reviving the positive values belonging to the Indonesian nation starting from the workplace.

Here’s a simple, but important, ‘throwback’ that we can do:

1. Gotong Royong for Encouraging Team Spirit

One of the distinctive cultures of the Indonesian people is gotong royong. Apart from getting your work done quickly, mutual cooperation can also create a sense of empathy between colleagues which will certainly have a positive impact on the mood of your team. Mutual cooperation at work is not limited to formal work, but you can also start by cleaning the workplace together. For example, tidying up the files and folders in the cupboard. That way, the work environment will be more comfortable.

2. Mutual Respect to Build Good Cooperation

Never underestimate the importance of respect in the work environment. At least, saying sorry, please and thank you will make you very happy. Based on research collected during exit interviews, one of the top reasons why an employee resigns from his company is that the employee feels underappreciated by his superior.

A good professional appreciates the performance of his subordinates if the work they are doing is satisfactory, and can also provide constructive criticism which of course is done in the right place and time if there are things that employees should develop in their work. For example, avoid scolding someone with harsh words and in public. Instead, give constructive criticism, specific criticism on things that need to be fixed and not ‘judge’ and provide solutions (instead of saying “You’re lazy! Your report is not clear!”, say “This report would be better if it was more detailed. Please attach data complete.”).

3. Deliberation so that steps are more directed

Literally, deliberation means negotiating. For decision makers in companies, it would be nice if everything that is strategic is negotiated in advance and the benefits and risks are weighed. For example, program design or proposed and discussed among related parties (leadership, research and development division, marketing, finance). Everyone can express their opinion so that an agreement is reached. By consulting, decision makers can avoid hasty and inaccurate decisions.

Easy enough, right? We should be proud of Indonesia’s very rich cultural values. Don’t let the positive things that have long been owned by Indonesia fade away. Come on, young Indonesian professionals, let’s proudly apply the Indonesian style of work culture!

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