Talent Acquisition: Hunting “It Talent” for Companies

Talent Acquisition, Talent Acquisition: Hunting “It Talent” for Companies

Talent Acquisition: Hunting “It Talent” for Companies

Good Human Resources (HR) is one of the crucial things for the continuity and
achieving company goals. Unfortunately, finding the right person is not an easy process
easy. In fact, 76% of managers who open job vacancies admit that they are attractive
top talent is the biggest challenge (based on MRI Network, McKinsey, Careerbuilder
and Glassdoor). A handful of examples of problems encountered such as what are the criteria for employees
does the company need? What technology is used to reach potential employees
and manage their data? Maybe the number of candidates who apply is large, but they are
have do not meet the criteria. Not to mention, the company has to compete with competitors.
After the recruitment process, the company must retain employees.

Therefore, it takes professional staff in collecting human resources who have
the right talent for the company. Maybe, lately we often come across the term
talent acquisition specialist. According to Robin Erickson, vice president for talent research
acquisition at Bersin, Deloitte, talent acquisition is a strategic approach to recognize,
attract, and orient talented individuals to meet the dynamic needs of the business
efficiently and effectively.

Talent Acquisition Specialist Job Description.
Talent acquisition specialist prepares all stages of recruitment. That is, they
devote time, effort and expertise to find and screen candidates,
prepare for interviews until the candidate works in the company. Talent acquisition
specialists can work as part of the company (in-house) or as a consultant
(agency or recruitment consulting firm).

In the recruitment process, the talent acquisition specialist works closely with the manager
need employees, as in the case of developing a strategy to identify
potential candidates and spreading job vacancies through various media, for example
social media (sourcing candidates) or rely on the network (network) they have.
They also help build a candidate database (talent pool). More than that, talent
Acquisition specialists also need to build good relationships with candidates.

After gathering the candidates, the talent acquisition specialist makes the selection. They
review resumes and cover letters, schedule interviews, conduct and evaluate
initial interviews, conduct reference checks. Then, the best candidate will
recommended to the user concerned. This stage is called screening, interview,
and assessments. The talent acquisition specialist’s job isn’t finished there, they say
keep helping until the official candidate is appointed as an employee and through the term
trial or orientation.

Difference between Talent Acquisition Specialist and Recruiter

If a talent acquisition specialist carries out the recruitment process, then what’s the difference with
recruiter? Here lies the difference between the two:

1. Coverage
Talent acquisition is broader than the recruitment stage.
From the start, talent acquisition
specialist proactively strategizes and builds employer branding to attract
superior candidate. Talent acquisition specialists also focus on development
candidate after entering the company, for example probation or orientation.
Meanwhile, the term recruitment refers only to efforts to attract new members to
fill a position in the organization.

2. Timeframe
Recruitment is a short term solution and is reactive. If any position
empty, then the recruiter will move. On the other hand, talent acquisition work
specialist includes long-term planning and continuous processes.
Talent acquisition specialist analyzes the business and the company’s needs for
develop in the future. In addition, the talent acquisition specialist is responsible
responsible for building and maintaining potential candidate relationships. Even though they are
did not join immediately with the company.

3. Strategy
Strategy is very important especially when looking for individuals to fill positions that are
demand special qualifications’ or belong to a niche industry. This process is also called
headhunting, Talent acquisition specialists need to innovate to find talent
gold, don’t just wait for applications to come in and rely on resumes. Different
with recruitment that does not use a strategy as complex as talent acquisition.

4. Data and Analysis
Talent acquisition specialists use more data. They collect
data and continuously evaluates to improve the process
recruitment, so that the quality of the people selected is getting better.

Talent Acquisition Specialist Career Path
Interested in getting involved in the world of talent acquisition? Possible career paths
depending on the workplace, company/corporation (in-house) or as a consultant (agency
or recruitment). In companies/corporations, you can start as staff, then become
manager level after quality and experience are increasingly recognized. If performance increases,
then opportunities can open up to rise to the level of director or vice president of talent acquisition
or related to human resources (HRD).

If you started your career as a consultant in a recruitment agency or consulting company,
You can become a team leader, assistant division head and division head in charge
certain industries. However, the peak of the career path in the agency depends on the type of company, local
or multinational.

The key to success in corporations, according to Bagus Hendrayono (Vice President Talent Acquisition Go-
Pay and Former Managing Director of Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia), namely a lot
listen. Listening is necessary for better understanding, especially the task of talent
Acquisition deals with humans, including managers, candidates and divisions
other. The relationship must be mutually beneficial. The second key to success is
able to adapt. Change is bound to happen and those who are unable to keep up will be left behind.
and adaptable, especially if you work in a start-up.

If you work as a consultant, Bagus Hendrayono advises you to be patient and
diligent and passionate. Agencies or consulting firms can open up a lot
opportunity if you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Because, besides looking for individuals
who have the “It” factor, the consultant does not escape from thinking about how to get clients and
give service.

Wherever you choose to work, one thing is sure to have a talent acquisition specialist
important role. Talent acquisition specialists fill companies with talent that is
encourage the achievement of company goals. In addition, the talent acquisition specialist brings
impact on the life of candidates who are accepted or not. You can deliver
accepted candidates for their dream job. Candidates who have not been able to join
can also benefit. They gain new insights or perspectives about themselves
they. Enter it can be a trigger to develop yourself. So, it’s ready for
hunting for golden talents?

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