These are 4 Reasons for Rejecting Fresh Graduate Job Applications

, These are 4 Reasons for Rejecting Fresh Graduate Job Applications

For fresh graduates, it’s a good idea to send a job application according to your interests and the field you are studying. For example, if you are an accounting graduate, your chances of getting hired will be greater when you apply for an accountant position than when you apply as a product designer. Enrich your work experience by participating in seminars, workshops, organizations, and internship programs.

The distance between education and work needs
Most recruiters feel that fresh graduates do not have sufficient competence or according to job requirements. A survey conducted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities revealed that the views of fresh graduates and recruiters regarding the abilities they have are very different.

An example is how 55% of students feel their statistical skills are sufficient, whereas only 28% of recruiters think so. This imbalance occurs because many tertiary institutions prioritize teaching theory rather than case studies or field practice.

This does not mean that theory is not needed, but what happens is that students are less able to convert the theory learned into the ability to think critically, solve problems, innovate, and make crucial decisions. Because of this, recruiters are usually more inclined to apply for jobs that already have work experience.

Less effective in compiling a CV
In a day, recruiters can receive hundreds to thousands of job applications. Of course, they will choose applicants who send job applications with short, concise, and clear CVs. One of the common mistakes made by fresh graduates is not polishing their CV.

CV contains detailed information about yourself, educational background, work experience, organizational experience, achievements and abilities. Don’t forget to include contacts such as telephone numbers and emails to make it easier for recruiters to contact you. It’s best if you make a CV with a maximum of 2 pages. So you have to sort out what information is most striking and in accordance with your job application.

Think of your CV as an advertisement to market yourself. Make it as attractive as possible, but also avoid using colors and designs that are too busy. Remember that you are applying for a job to enter the professional world, so you need to present yourself with a sophisticated image.

Inappropriate way of communication
Fresh graduates, especially those belonging to the millennial to Gen Z generations, are used to informal communication styles. Actually there is no wrong communication style, but it needs to be adjusted to the job application you are sending. Basically, you should communicate in a polite and confident manner, regardless of the company or position you’re applying for.

Surprisingly, there are still many people who have not adopted good and correct communication methods. Starting from sending job applications, interview stages, until finally being accepted for work, you have to apply the right communication tricks. First, convey your intent clearly without convoluting. Second, make a direct connection by making direct eye contact. Third, listen and understand the other person, then give an appropriate response.

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