Tips for Success as a Commercial Director

, Tips for Success as a Commercial Director

Being a director is certainly an achievement. However, how to continue the achievement
That? Moreover, commercial directors are required to lead teams that drive profit for
companies in the midst of increasingly rapid industrial changes. It cannot be denied that
commercial director in a company can have different responsibilities in
other companies. Commercial director can handle marketing, sales, business
development, to customer service. Parrish & Co. has summarized the tips to be
successful director in the field of business development. Including tips from top executives
interviewed by Adam Mendler from Forbes and Bayu Seto, Commercial Director of Indosat M2.
Here are tips that can be applied to professionals.

1. Build relationships from the start of a career

“When I think back (on my early career), I will focus on developing relationships and expanding my network, inside and outside the organization, from the very beginning of my career,” said Beth Brooke-Marciniak, global vice chair of public policy at Ernst & young

Take advantage of the opportunity to build a network within the organization and actively meet with outsiders. For example, attending events related to your industry, interests or alma mater. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.

2. Embrace the “aha” moment

When the opportunity came, did you feel doubtful or excited? Listening and acting on your ‘heart’ will make you grow. Trust your ‘heart’ and chase big opportunities.

Rhonda Vetere, CTO, global infrastructure services Estée Lauder says, “These opportunities come, and just when you think the timing isn’t right, it’s the best time because you are pushed to a higher level. Don’t ignore your gut feeling – just do it!”

3. Challenge assumptions and the status quo

The most successful people can view situations beyond the status quo and static thinking. One example of a static assumption is the habit of only hiring experienced people in the same field. ‘Thinking outside of the box’ is important to succeed in business. Identify and seize opportunities that no one else has thought of!

4. Consider the overall candidate process

Increasing the number of employees will not necessarily increase the company’s productivity. When assessing whether to expand your team and how to do it, think about how each potential candidate fits in the organization as a whole.

“It’s more effective to ensure that you get the right people, with the skills, focused on the right problems and opportunities. Also, it is important that these people align with your company’s culture and business philosophy,” explains Derek Ting, co-founder and CEO of TextNow.

5. Manage time with priority

Jessica Dalka, creator and CEO of Chicago Planner Magazine, emphasizes the importance of treating time as a valuable commodity.

“Simplifying services/products is important for two reasons, your customers clearly understand what they will get from you and you can handle your business in a timely manner. Take the time to ‘recharge’ your energy whenever possible”

The only way to achieve an important goal is to focus. Spend time and energy on things that can help achieve your goals.

6. Provide Value to the Company

Focus on adding value to the company rather than being busy competing with coworkers. Instead of competing, promote cooperation.

“I never felt that I was competing with my co-workers because if we feel we are competing, there is no teamwork. The most important thing is how what we do provides value to the company. So it’s important to have teamwork with coworkers, it’s important that each person or director carries out their respective responsibilities according to the agreement,” said Bayu Seto, Commercial Director of Indosat M2.

Michael Hawker, CRO and Managing Director Insurance Australia Group Ltd., has a tip to apply when it comes to influencing other directors to work together. According to him, an effective director is one who doesn’t speak too often, but is able to express important issues and provide insight when speaking.

7. Become a ‘Trainer’ for the Subordinate

Bayu Seto also explained the importance of being a coach for your subordinates to be like you or even better. Because, in the end you will find it difficult if you don’t coach your team. Never fear that your team is getting more skilled. Precisely it is pride as a leader.

Babette Ten Haken, Founder and Chair of Sales Aerobics for Engineers also thinks a director needs to spur his team. Haken believes that someone who has been a top seller does not necessarily make a good director. It is important for the team to grow pr

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