Which is Better: Advanced Studies or Work Experience

, Which is Better: Advanced Studies or Work Experience

For someone who is new to work, sometimes faced with two difficult choices; continuing work to continue to gain work experience, or stop working temporarily to continue studying. For those who are then given permission by the company to study in college without the need to stop working, of course it will be an advantage, thank goodness the company where we work provides assistance with tuition fees.

However, not everyone can do these two things at the same time because this really depends on company regulations and the type of work. Some people can continue to work as usual and attend lecture materials at night. However, this case is not often found.

The choice to continue education often has to be taken at the expense of a career in a company. There are several things that you need to consider before making a decision, either choosing a job or continuing your studies.

Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. However, it is best if the decision to choose to keep working or continue their education focuses on what you are going to pursue.

Continue studies
The consequence of this choice is leaving the job. Even so, choosing to stop working for a while in order to continue your education could be the right choice if you can say that the working period has not been too long. This option is also relevant for those whose career is more involved in planning or formulating corporate strategy, while not requiring much technical knowledge or field experience.

During your study period, you can still gain hours of technical knowledge from job training institutions. Don’t forget to choose a campus that supports your goals. Currently, there are also many tertiary institutions that teach more applied science in their curriculum. In fact, they also offer internships during the lecture process.

Continuing education will increase your career opportunities. This is because there are many large companies that require their employees to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree to be promoted. Some fields of work, such as those related to engineering or medicine, require special skills that can only be obtained through further education.

Both education and work, both will complement each other. In addition, someone can get a bigger salary than those who do not have a high degree. Another thing that could be an advantage for those who choose to continue their education is to add connections. It is undeniable, good relationships that are well established can emerge from within the classroom. Who knows, that’s where you can find a more suitable career path.

Work experience
Choosing to keep working by continuing to add work experience also has a positive side. Don’t feel inferior when you find co-workers who have a higher level of education than you.

In some companies, skill and experience are everything, even more so than level of education. These companies give priority to employees with work experience, especially those who have proven their ability to complete work, achieve targets, and lead a team.

According to a partner at a recruitment consulting firm in the United States, if someone has a good track record of success, then education is no longer a problem. In the world of professional work, educational degrees are not the only determinant of success. Instead, work experience is the main determinant.

The longer a person has been in the job he is in, the greater the attention the company gives to these employees. People with a wealth of work experience, of course, are very familiar with the ins and outs of their field of work. Like an autopilot plane, all problem solving within the company can be handled properly with practical knowledge in the field.

Of the many things you need to consider, make the decision that best suits your career goals. The key is to focus on what you want to pursue in the long term when considering a decision to go to college or gain work experience.

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